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2012 China (Nan'an) Shuitou International Stone Exhibition

Booth No.: F125 & F126

Date: November 9th-12th,2012

Site:  Shuitou International Stone Exhibition Center


Welcome to Our Booth at the 13th China Xiamen International Stone Fair

Booth No.:E042

Date:March 6th -9th,2013

Site: Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center



Information of stopping mining of G635 Quarry

G635 Quarry has been closed on February 14,2011.


About Us

  Fujian Dongfang(Oriental) Stone Co.,Ltd,founded in 1993,is a comprehensive enterprise which takes produce, manufacture,design,construct stone as whole.Our company owns a constructive material factory and a tombstone factory with standard mechanical w .....More

Xiamen Oriental Resource Imp. & Exp. Co.,Ltd
ADD.:Rm.502,Xinyuan Building B,25 Xinglong Road,Huli,Xiamen,China
Fujian Dongfang (Oriental) Stone Co., Ltd
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